Get lost.

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Perhaps you've seen or heard of this sanskrit word? Perhaps this is the first time you're seeing it. But I assure you this is definitely not the first time you've heard of its better known definition, that is... meditation.

So what exactly is Dhyāna or Meditation?


Sanskrit is a beautiful language. The vowels and consonants form the experience in a more expressive and holistic manner.

Dhya means - opulent, rich, riches or wealth.

See where we're going with this already? 

ńa means - an object of sense or desire for any sensual object.

At an initial glance the veil of illusion - maya - or the ego may attach itself to this explanation and prevent you from exploring deeper. MEANING? Meaning that you may look at this and say to yourself, "Meditation is the act of focusing ones senses on desiring wealth and riches!"

Sadly we all fall into this trap. Its the human condition. The modern age of distraction and overt desire for needing more. So let's use this modern condition to our benefit this time around and desire to know more about Dhyāna.

Delving deeper and getting lost in the richness of the word, we find that D is the 3rd consonant and is pronounced as it is written but is spelt Da and this is where it gets really interesting.

Yoga, well the true meaning of this ancient philosophy, is the union of the small self with the Higher SELF. On this quest to find this union, we soon realise it's a personal one which requires determination, faith and perseverance.

So let's persevere...

Da means - giving, granting, offering, effecting or producing.

Therefore we can conclude that: "By giving up or offering up our desires for sensual objects, we gain riches beyond material wealth!"

So today, I took my own advice.

I set my material objects aside. You know the ones I mean. The ones that keep you distracted. Ironically the one you're probably reading this very blog post on right now.

Set it aside and get lost. Get lost in the true nature of the Self. The one you forget to nurture. The one that yearns but never forces. The one that is with you all the time.

I got lost. I went for a walk in the beauty of the forest. Allowed my senses to soak it all up and then, I got lost and found my way back.

 written by - jay mac

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