Lessons from Mother India


Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to revisit the beautiful yet challenging country of India.  My travels took me back to one of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers, Radhanath Swami and his beautiful eco-village where I spent time with our teachers from the Jivamukti lineage, Sharon Gannon, Yogeswari and Jules Febre.


I am so thankful that first of all I had the courage to leave my children behind to return to the rawness of India and secondly for giving myself the space away from my own mothering responsibilities to allow myself to be held and nurtured by Mother India herself.  She has this way of bringing to the forefront that which needs to be healed in one’s life, sometimes firmly, at other times gently and carefully but mostly directly.  I received so many beautiful blessings and teachings during my travels which I wholeheartedly soaked up in the light that whatever I learn, I learn to pass on to whoever is willing and ready to receive. 


These few pearls of wisdom have guided and inspired my way.  It is my hope that this humble sharing will in some way benefit and bless your lives too.


  1. Humility is the key to enlightenment. Diminish your small self, your ego personality, the self that you were preconditioned to believe by society to be your truth so that your supreme self can radiate through. Stop insisting that the unreal, anything that is changeable is reality such as your body, your job, your relationships etc. What is real is anything that is changeless, focus on this through meditation. Relax and become receptive to the source of your soul, the answers you require lie within.


  1. Don’t blame, complain or explain. Take responsibility for your situation and your circumstances. Through past choices and actions you have created your life to be the way that it is, by blaming others you will only move further away from enlightenment. Stop complaining about everything that is not working in your life, rather focus on the lesson that you are learning from the struggle and give thanks for the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience.  When someone calls you out on your bullshit, do not explain, just accept it and move on. Do not use your past experiences as excuses to explain the reasons why you are limited today.  Nothing holds you back, you have everything you need in this moment to be your fullest expression of who you are, no need to blame, complain or explain!


  1. Your 2 most important jobs are to remember God / the Divine and to be kind to others. Remember God, what does this mean? God is love, God is light, God is that place where we are all going back to, God is home.  By offering our lives to God we are asking to be made an instrument for the benefit of others. Kindness is a way of life, every choice and action determines how one influences the world around us. Choosing to eat a vegan diet for example is choosing to be kind to animals and the environment.  Choosing not to support the plastic industry is choosing to be kind to our planet.  Choosing to to walk away from negative, draining and toxic relationships is choosing to be kind to oneself.  To be kind however, doesn’t always mean to be nice.  Sometimes the kindest thing is to speak one’s truth in a direct way, to have boundaries, to say no to that which does not serve you and the best interest of the whole at large.


  1. We all want peace, but how can we play a part in bringing this about when the world is so much at war? Questions to ask…am I a peaceful person? Am I part of conflict or am I contributing to peace in the world? How we see things is coming from inside of us, if we want to change what we see outside we need to change from inside. Let there be peace and let it begin with me. If we can resolve our day to day relationships with others then we have a chance at peace.


  1. The whole universe wants you to wake up and to be happy. Everything is working in your favour. Every challenge or struggle is an opportunity for you to grow, to transform, to let go of what is not your truth so that you can realign with the goodness of your eternal soul.  Give thanks for these struggles as they are helping you to see where you are out of sync with your true nature, which is satchidananda (truth, consciousness and mostly bliss). Act as if the whole balance of the universe depends on what you do, laughing at yourself that what you do makes any difference at all.  This is the great paradox! 


These are just a few of the gems that were shared with me.  I hope that these seeds will land in fertile ground and blossom when the time is right.  Finally, have faith that the practises of yoga will rid you of meanness, selfish desires, anxiety, self doubt, shyness or any other limiting beliefs.  Keep practising, keep coming back to your mat and have faith that what you truly desire is within you already and by consistently dedicating yourself to your spiritual journey, the dirt which blinds you from seeing that you are already whole, complete and enlightened, will be wiped clean.


Namaste, so much love, light and blessings to you all!

Written by - Ange

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