“My dream has always been to show people the magic of dance!” - Vix

Dance is therapy, it heals, it beats, it breathes life into our bones, our minds and our future. The magic of conscious dance has proved to be therapeutic in nature over centuries of practice and is today an extraordinary healing space.

Dance encompasses movement of emotions and imagination working together in a combination of innocence and beauty allowing the mind to stop and allows the soul to reveal itself.

“On the dancefloor, I am me! Whether jamming in a social environment or clumsily stumbling in a ballet hall, the dancer I am, has always been part of my soul.”

Anyone is capable of breaking accepted boundaries to surface their authentic selves. I use the expressive movement practice as a medium to access this.   Movement allows for self-fulfillment and improved well-being joined with an exquisite offering of vulnerability and the adventure of experiencing the unknown.

DanceFIX is the spiritual practice where you are allowed to be present within yourself in a conscious act of dance meditation. The benefits of meditation and exercise allow you to journey with yourself in an effective wave of expressive movement.

DanceFIX is grounded in established psychological theory. I will guide you through your session helping you to experience the joy, excitement, and deep emotion, which will stay with you forever.